Mireille Hanna

Mireille Hanna


Global Legacy Programs is an all volunteer project dedicated to passionately advocate for the hungry, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. I created this project 10 years ago after finding out that my donation of a $100.00 sewing machine lifted a family out of intense poverty and hunger. My experience has proven that even school children can be philanthropists as projects that they have sponsored and that usually do not exceed $2,000 have had a positive impact not only on one family’s life but, at times, that of an entire community. I invite you to join us and make a difference.

Inauguration of women’s weaving workshop we built
San Isidro, Chiapas, Mex.

We support or initiate projects with a high impact on health, education and the advancement of women in poor rural communities. We do it through your generous donations and with the help of volunteers who travel with us to make a difference and experience the culture and beauty of the countries hosting us.